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Studio Time!!!

I didn't post up an arrangement last Friday as I was travelling to Bath to get stuck in at Get Real Audio. I was joined by Deb Chalmers on Fiddles, Tom Evans on Guitar and Bass and Sam Partridge on flute.

The studio is owned and run by Josh Clark who has worked on some of my favourite albums and that is what drew me to working with him. His new studio is in a fantastic location, I had a great time being shown around the surrounding area and an equally great time in the studio, making music with Deb, Tom and Sam.

I've been listening through to all of the monitor mixes on my rubbish old headphones, making notes on each of the tracks that will eventually be released later this year. I'll let you know when you can pre-order the album, but for now, like me, you'll have to wait to see how it ends up sounding.


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