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Reviews of Cormorant

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Cormorant is out, reviews have begun to trickle in and I couldn't be more thrilled to share them with you. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered my debut album. I am excited and terrified about tomorrow in equal measure. Supposedly the first four days of an album release matter most, so if you have been meaning to tell a friend about Cormorant do it soon! Thanks so much!

'Brookes has found notes that resonate with the heart and soul, providing an entryway into tunes that serve the mind and the dancefloor.'
‘From the beginning I was mesmerised by the arrangements and the atmospheric conversations between the accordion and the other instruments.’

Pal Carter, Folk London

'Beautiful playing'

Karen Tweed

'Thoughtful, well-crafted, interesting tunes with excellent, strong harmonisations. Lovely, well-balanced playing from everyone.'

Becky Price, Boldwood

“Music for dark, chilly evenings, sitting somewhere cosy with a nice warm drink in your hand”

Jane Bird, Oxfolk Ceilidhs


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