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Cormorant Tour March 2023

Updated: Feb 12

I'm touring with Deb Chalmers, Sam Partridge and Tom Evans (the fantastic musicians who recorded Cormorant with me) you can come and see us play!

All venues have step free access

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(Click the CITY to be directed to eventbrite where you can buy tickets)


Platt Memorial Hall SEVENOAKS 03/03/23 20:00

Patcham Memorial Hall BRIGHTON 04/03/23 20:30

The Mulberry Hall LONDON 05/03/23 19:30 (not BYOB)

William Collyn Centre CAMBRIDGE 10/03/23 20:00

St Werburghs Centre BRISTOL 17/03/23 20:00

St Nicolas Parish Centre GUILDFORD 18/03/23 19:45 (not BYOB)

Birch Community Centre MANCHESTER 24/03/23 20:00

Please note that my gig in London has been cancelled, this was due to poor advance ticket sales (this was the venue's decision not mine or the promoter's, we're really sorry to anyone who was looking forward to going). The nearest concerts to London are now Cambridge and Guildford.

Cormorant is a slightly unusual album and we're doing some things on our tour that are a little unusual too. For starters, we'll be playing 'in the round', meaning that we'll be sitting in a tiny circle, this is how we rehearsed and how we recorded (although it was a slightly lopsided (!) circle for the sake of mic placement and separation) Then the audience will be arranged in larger circles around us emanating from the centre of the room. Leveret re-popularised this way of performing but playing in a circle just feels like the most natural thing in the world as it's how sessions have worked for generations.

I've had to put on a lot of the gigs myself, because venues are very wary of the financial risks involved in putting on gigs for artists who are early on in their careers and sadly this is has only got worse with Covid and the cost of living crisis. That means that when you buy a ticket you are directly paying a musician and it makes it more likely that I'll be able to afford to record another album. I'm not spending any money on having a bar, so Bring Your Own alcohol EXCEPT in London and Guildford

Lastly, all of the gigs are wheelchair accessible. I feel very strongly that folk music should be accessible for everyone; ticket prices should be affordable, locations shouldn't exclude those without cars and most importantly steps shouldn't keep anyone out. Ensuring that each venue has step free access has taken considerable effort. I haven't done as well ensuring that all venues have good public transport links, but its the first time I've organised a tour and for a tour on a tight budget, I feel like it's a lot more accessible than most and I'm rather proud of that.

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