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First Single Out Now

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Like a novice percussionist losing count of the bars before the ting on the triangle that marks the end of a piece, my timing has been a little off. Unsurprisingly, the music is the easy bit, and all of the tedious paperwork, filling of forms and insipid admin is the time consuming labour of mutual distrust. Some of which took longer than I anticipated as is inevitable when embarking on a journey that you have not made before. However...

The first single 'Steam Powered Sponge' from my debut album 'Cormorant' is out now!

or buy it on Bandcamp but the best way you can support me right now is to tell somebody about it. You can do this by mentioning it to a friend, sharing the track on social media or by liking the track on your streaming service of choice and clicking the 'follow this artist' button.

I'm really excited (and nervous!) that it's now out. Thanks for all the support I've had during this whole process!


Next Releases

Painted Cuboracle - 3rd November

The Good Old Way - 13th November

Cormorant (full album) - 13th January


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