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Nat Brookes playing an accordion. An arty shot with Nat's hair tumbling down over the keyboard of the accordion. Photo credit: Elly Lucas.
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Nat Brookes

Accordionist, Caller, Composer, Arranger,



Nat's charismatic phrasing and compelling harmonies create a rich tapestry of interweaving melodies and harmonic countermelodies. Their style is distinctive but versatile.

Nat performs in concerts alongside their partner Beth in a duo and in various other bands. They play in ceilidh Band ‘Take The Biscuit' and in duo 'Gifford|Brookes'

Listen to Nat's debut album

Composing & Arranging

Composing and Arranging

Nat is a prolific writer of tunes within the Folk idiom and published a book of tunes in October 2019 under their previous name. Their eclectic taste of folk musics from around the world inspires an exciting and varied range of tunes driven by flowing melodies.

My Tune Books have arrived! Light reflects off the satin front covers. Great present!

The Tyranny of Jigs

In here, you'll find umpteen original tunes, half of which are jigs. Some are tunes that I use almost all the time, whilst others are yet to be performed.

I'd love to see these tunes out in the world but I would also love it if you remembered who wrote them! I'd also really appreciate it if you could ask first if you'd like to record any of them.

Studying composing under David Lancaster at York st John, Nat was able to work with a huge variety of fellow students and external musicians. Nat composed many works including a suite of pieces for piano. She is currently interested in premiering and publishing a suite for string sextet.

Sunlight streams onto the lawn as, through an archway, you gaze onto the quad of York St John Uni.
Sheet Music Edits

After graduating, Nat began arranging contemporary songs for string ensembles. Whilst some of these  arrangements are aimed at school string ensembles others are for professional string quartets and many are ideal for function and wedding pads. Nat is now selling these arrangements under the name Pop Pad



Nat is an energetic and friendly caller with an easy manner. They call gender neutral as standard in an unobtrusive fashion. They are passionate both as a caller and a dancer about continual care and body longevity, ensuring your guests don't feel the worse for dancing the following morning. Anything else they feel the worse for is entirely self inflicted...

Nat is focusing on the music side of things at the moment, so isn't currently taking any calling gigs.

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